CEO’s message

From Nagasaki to the whole country Go beyond Japan into Asia
DSBRAND was founded in Nagasaki on November 1st 2005 and we have started nation-wide sales.
More than 14,000 companies are using our main product “Oricoh Blog”.
We have expanded our business in Asia since October 2012 and strived for providing new customers with our products.
Our market ranges from Japan to overseas and manpower and sales unit has increased however, our policy “Our customers and staff are top priority” never be changed since founded.

Our customers and their future customers

Our customers are not only users using our product but visitors of their website and their future customers.
We are delighted to help build win-win relationship between our customers and their customers through providing Oricoh Blog. This is our specialty.
Also, building a website is not the end. Interactions through the website encourage them to build relationship and we maintain it.

Everyone is leading role

We believe that DSBRAND would be a company which all the effort each of our staff is making pay off.
To provide our customer with better products/services, making continuous efforts is crucial.
Our company is supported by the sum of small efforts such as sales, planning, development, design, management and so on.
Sales effort will directly affect business results, development effort will directly affect product and support effort will directly affect customers. Our goal is to be a company that everyone is leading role engaging challenging tasks. We are willing to give their effort back in salary, bonus, environment and benefits which motivate them even more and lead providing better product/services with our customers.
CEO Daisuke Shimoyama

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