Staff organization

Human resource, General affairs, Accounting, Information system
Product/server maintenance and hosting, new planning and development
Customer service
Technical support, Operational support, Email address acquisition
Web design customization
Sales Administration
Sales kits provision, Business flow of sales process, Sales activity analysis,
Order management
Sales activities

Sales division

There are 10 sales division in Japan and sales activities expand whole country.
Our sales go visit customers together with other sales from large corporation OA equipment manufacturers of our business partner.

Design division

40 designers (including design assistants) have covered more than 2,800 designs of Oricoh series per year.
They take care of designs of Oricoh series and embedding in system.
Also, their specialties are publication design and symbol mark design other than web design.

Customer support division

Staff working in customer support division are called “Web directors” and there are 40 of them.
To support more than 14,000 customers in Japan, our staff interact with them through call and email.
They provide basic operation of Oricoh Blog, web or social media related information, new product information.

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