Privacy policy

Personal Information Guidelines

DSBRAND (hereinafter referred to as "we/us") believe that securing the trust of Users is of foremost importance to us and the accurate and confidential handling of information relating to individual Users is an important responsibility of the company.
For that reason, we have enacted the "Personal Information Guidelines" relating to the personal information of Users and we shall ensure all employees and affiliated companies thoroughly put into practice these handling methods for personal information.
The details of our Personal Information Guidelines are outlined below.
We shall implement the handling of personal information of Users in accordance with these Guidelines with respect to personal information already held and used by us.


(1) Acquisition of Personal Information
We acquire personal information by lawful and fair means.
When requesting a User to provide personal information, we acquire that personal information only after disclosing the purpose of collection and the content of use in advance, and acquire said information within the scope of the legitimate business of the company, limited to information which is necessary to achieve the purpose of acquisition.
(2) Use of Personal Information and Shared Use
Personal information entrusted to us shall be used within the scope permitted by the user who provided the information or for appropriate purposes.
The purpose of use is considered to be the items shown in the following "Scope of the Purpose of Use," which are necessary to achieve those purposes within the scope of the legitimate business of the company.
  • Scope of the Purpose of Use
- Contact regarding business-related matters
- Provision of information on products and services handled by the company
- Response to inquiries or requests from Users
- Other purposes, as stated by us and agreed to by the User in advance
  • Use outside the above noted Purposes
In case it is necessary to use the personal information of the User for purposes other than those mentioned above, the agreement of the User to that use shall be obtained, except when permitted by relevant laws or regulations.

(3) Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We shall not provide a third party with personal information without the consent of the User.
Provided, however, pursuant to applicable laws and regulations and other standards, this shall not apply when there are special circumstances such as obligations under laws and regulations that we must comply with.
(4) Procedures for Disclosure, Correction, etc. of Personal Information
In case of requests for the examination, revision, or deletion of personal information provided by a User, that request should be made to the inquiries desk for matters related to personal information (shown below).
Except when said request causes a significant interference with the operations of the company, we shall disclose, correct, and delete personal information within a reasonable period of time only when the User's identity can be confirmed.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations for the Protection

We shall comply with applicable personal information protection related laws, regulations and standards in respect to the personal information held by us.
These Guidelines are judged by the laws, regulations and other standards.
These Guidelines define our basic policy for dealing with a User's personal information and we strive to protect personal information in accordance with these Guidelines and pursuant to laws, regulations and standards, such as the Personal Information Protection Act.

Security Management Measures

We improve the management system and implement appropriate security measures to protect Users' private information from loss, destruction, falsification and leakage, and to maintain its accuracy and security.
We limit entry by unauthorized people to the office where Users’ private information is handled and conduct educational sessions for all executives, employees and others concerning the protection of personal information of the company.
We also assign a management representative for the appropriate management of personal information.

Continuous Improvement

We shall continually review and improve our personal information protection policy in order to comply with changes in the law and regulations, handling methods and environment.


Inquires relating to the handling of personal information should be directed to:
[Personal Information Handling Contact Desk]
1F Tower Court, Tower City Nagasaki, 6-1 Asahimachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken